Random Abode Monsters & Spookage #2: The Non-Karloff-Looking Official Universal Frankenstein's Monster (Imperial Toys, 1986)

"My arms and head move... Wheeeee!"
I remember buying this fellow, but I still can't figure out why I never bought the Dracula, Mummy and Wolfman figures that came out with him. Oh, yeah... now I remember. He kind of sucks. Well, sucks as an officially licensed representation of the famous monster played by the great Boris Karloff. That's right, this guy is the real deal,  authorized by Universal Studios, but as it so often happens with monsters, he has a face that only a monster maniac could love.

He actually stood as the only toy representative of his "breed" in my home for several years, at least until the next big Universal Monster wave hit the market. My brother and I even used Mr. Three Points of Articulation to make an exceedingly crude  four seconds of stop-motion film many years back (lost to history, sadly). Beginning in 2001, once I got the Sideshow Toys figures (more on them later this month), I was pretty much spoiled by their near perfection. In a way not unlike many mad scientists before me, this sad little guy was put in the closet for a few years.

But, now he's back from the dead again (he and that Jesus guy apparently have that resurrection thing down pretty solid) and stomping around my apartment happily with the rest of the lot for the Halloween season.

If you would like to read a pretty great dissection of these figures, with more photos than you could ever fearfully wave a pitchfork at, go here:


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