Which Member of the TPCC Will Get Which Halloween Finger Puppet at Work This Morning?

Questions you might be asking:

1) What is the TPCC?

An initialism.

2) Who are the TPCC?

The members that make up the organization.

2) What does the "C" stand for?

Which one?

3) How do I become a member?

You don't... well, maybe you could... on second thought, no.

4) How come there isn't a werewolf finger puppet?

Don't ask me. There was a witch in the box, but I didn't like her that much. And absolutely zero werewolves, which I felt was odd given the current cultural zeitgeist for the little furry suckers. (For the exact same stupid reason as the much larger zeitgeist for bloodsuckers...)

5) What is the first rule of the TPCC?

To not be self-involved douches like those whiny babies over in Fight Club...
Second rule is: always talk about the TPCC, but remain obscure at the same time.

6) Which puppet are you hoping to get?

I apparently have mummy issues, so...


Rai Rai Sis Boom Bah Ferghetti-Pantz said…
Well stated.

I like the Frankenstein's face. And I think the Dracula looks like Slogo. What sort of mummy issues are afflicting you?

Rai Rai Ferghetti-Pantz
Rik Tod said…
I like mummies, that's all...

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