TPCC Halloween Finger Puppet Update: Who Got Whom? or Whom Got Who? or Which One Did I Get?

Googly Vern with new office mate Totoro
I got the one I wanted, that's who...

After 46 rounds of divisional playoff action and a series of tie-breakers (actually, there was just a round of a modified version of the old shell game), it has finally been decided. The secret [not-so-secret] members of the TPCC (the initialism a secret [not so secret] itself) have received their Halloween finger puppet doppelgangers.

I had been hoping to win the mummy, and had announced he was going to be called Victor E. Mummy, but since we have a Victor in the office (though he prefers to be called Manny) and because I have a couple of other friends/acquaintances named Vic and Victor in my life, I switched his name to the physically appropriate Googly Vern.

Mrs. Rai Rai Sis-Boom-Bah Ferghetti-Pantz chose Marv (pictured above) for her Frankenstein's Monster, and The Man With No Nickname (which would be a good nickname for him) chose Jefferson for his vampire puppet. (I know The Man With No Nickname took pictures of Jefferson, but I have yet to see any of them.)

Contest over! Congratulations to the winners, and don't forget to pay the tax on your prizes!


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